Paradise Sportif

Paradise Sportif is a contemporary understanding towards adornment and garments for the protection and enhancement of modern day ceremony through ancient channels with a feeling for the now.

When understanding the power of our past messengers and healers, the garments that they wore played significance in their function as much as their understanding of nature, rhythm, dance and medicine. When dealing with negative or destructive spirits during a ceremony, the healing of an illness could inspire revenge in the spirit that caused it. The spirit could not effectively attack a shaman wearing a powerful costume, nor could it recognize the shaman when he or she was out of costume. In both cases, the shaman was protected in the spiritual realm. The garments worn functioned in much the same way as playing the same music during meditation to induce a meditative state. By always wearing the same costume during trance states, the costume itself became an instrument for facilitating access to that state.

The first chapter (collection) was created from 2011-2012.

Clothing/Jewellery – Nep Sidhu
Photography and Direction – Alex Cirka
Make up and Styling – Rashmi Varma
Model – Anthony Marshall

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