Malcolm’s Smile


This term conjures a dialogue between one self and the visible/invisible world that surrounds us. The Sacred can be an undisclosed dimension, alone. Connected and separated from common reality, excluded from the practical, it can be cursed by opposite agents. Whether it’s a silhouette in the sky or activities in the mud below, these objects in their physical form can be linked and connected with origins and the order of the universe. This ‘sacred’ lives and prevails in kin to its natural settings and the way of life of a particular human assembly that harvests a shared cultural development and discovery. This manifestation continues to remind us through wonder and representation of the fantastic, the light, the universal… and his smile.

Malcolm’s Smile, 7a, 7b, 7c 2015
Wool, poly-cotton, aluminum
150 x 96 x 15 in.
Commissioned by the Frye Art Museum and funded by the Frye Foundation, Douglas Smith
Courtesy of the Artist

Made in Collaboration w Ishmael Butlers sound installation Ecdysis.

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