Found Paradise

Two events had occurred in my life that were not connected in the beginning, but later mapped in a way larger than any plan or coincidence could have conjured.

With my mother passing away from Cancer in February of 2012, I wanted to celebrate her grand return to nature. One of her wishes was for me to return to making art after a long hiatus. At the same time, I had come across the music of Shabazz Palaces. Ishmael Butler’s previous catalogue was very familiar, but his new work was far more than just music itself, but more of a call being put out that beckoned response. I later found out that Ish’s mother passed away in the same settings as mine. As we began relating our stories, we had a chance encounter take place where a “third” mother came to visit us for a few moments to confirm that we were to make work together. This piece highlights the confluence of captured moments during those brief moments between the universe and ourselves. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s line relationships that point to Nature being the ultimate source for design, I tried best to answer the call.

Muslin Cotton, Water based Paint, Fabric, Gold Stitch.
276“ x 120“

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