Bad & Beautiful

Rise lightly from the earth
And try your wings
Try them now
While I make the darkness visible
The visibility of the day
Is the invisibility of the night
The invisibility of the day
Is the visibility of the night
So rise lightly from the earth
And try your new wings
Try them NOW
While the darkness is visible.

– Invisibility by Sun Ra

The Bad & Beautiful is a composition written by Sun Ra in 1961. The song captures a sophistication of feelings and the colors that surround us. Some are visible within our spectrum, while others are not. It is a grand salute to those that are from the Angel Race. I wanted to apply his attitude and openness towards new technologies and experimentation. Capturing his sense of personal identity as a construct rather than a perception or pre-defined identity was very important. Combined with his playful attitude towards history and mythmaking, I was interested in applying these ideas to push the boundaries of everyday functional objects (i.e. bed and lighting). A physical translation that comes to answer the question of can this “Space” become “The Place”?

Bed: Maple Wood, Copper, Anodized and Painted Aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel, Lighting Assembly.
Lighting: Maple Wood, Anodized Aluminum, Plexiglas, Lighting Assembly.

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